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Working at AuroIN

In the same way that a company desires the right talent to drive its business goals forward, individuals require the right environment that’ll enable them to develop and accomplish their professional objectives. The minute you venture into AuroIN you might be welcomed with a feeling of being at the ideal spot. Working with AuroIN captivates you with a feeling or conviction that a fortunate career lies ahead of you courtesy of the unfathomable development chances available and exposure to leading-edge technologies. The work setting at AuroIN is based around the concept of “beyond limitations”. A portion of the basic components that outline our work society are international exposure, cross-area expertise, a diverse workforce, and work-life parity. Each of these components goes much deeper than what it apparently passes on.

AuroIN Benefits

We offer the best perks and benefits to deserving candidates. Working at AuroIN guarantees that you’ll have a booming career in terms of your job, health, and life. We understand that what you earn here has got an immense value in helping you to lead a rich and prosperous lifestyle. At AuroIN we perceive that cash matters. We hence offer a wide range of compensation packages to employees. A number of packages are also planned on the side for purposes of distinguishing people for their particularly exceptional attainments. AuroIN also furnishes a considerable extent of health profit alternatives with the goal that an employee can plan and personalize the coverage that best helps to meet his/her overall needs. AuroIN provides employees with the options required to live balanced and successful careers. This is a critical part of our investment in our people so as to bring out their best.

Training and Development

Training and development is of incredible significance to AuroIN and is a crux element in the company’s objectives for realizing its vision and the implementation of its values. The organization’s key target is to guarantee that AuroIN’s workforce always has the satisfactory aptitudes and information required to undertake the needs of its work in a competent manner. As such, whatever position one holds at AuroIN, individuals can always improve their abilities and skills dependent upon their talents. We comprehend the progress connected with the continuous development of Digital Marketing and consequently routinely send our employees to attend SES, Pubcon, SMX, and other similar digital marketing events. The Company additionally provides advanced Leadership Development Programs to uphold and advance workers as they prepare for advancement to senior positions.

Career Progression

Our adaptable organization culture gives you the chance to seek after your energies and shape your own particular vocation in both the corporate and social circles. At AuroIN you’ll assuredly find all the backing you need to tailor your profession – and this through continuous preparing, coaching and input. You will therefore learn what it takes to persistently convey positive results for our customers as regards your particular portfolio. Be it Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click, Usability, or Sales/Marketing, we offer possibly the best remunerating career opportunities. Your development at AuroIN is determined by your exhibition, not by your tenure. This implies that there’s no predetermined professional advancement path or period of time that you’re required to stay at a specific level. Rather, we always take confidence in distinguishing and remunerating exceptional talents.

Personal Impact

AuroIN always puts emphasis on the all areas of advancement of its associates. The organization thus engages personal observance meant to additionally improve the individual lives of its workforce. This is done by developing life/work abilities and particular qualities through approaches that include self-administration, stress decrease, expert correspondence, conversational aptitudes, fruitful meetings and presentations, manageable relationship fabricating, life training, self-outflow, and innovative issue illuminating -whatever it takes to achieve productive observing.

International Opportunities

AuroIN has set a benchmark – that of becoming the best SEO company in order to deliver advanced solutions to its array of customers. Alongside this ambition the company has opened the door for its employees to grow into world-class professionals. We have our offices in cities like Frederick and Singapore, in addition to being based in India. We recently made our presence at The International Annual meet of the Indus Entrepreneurs, one of the most prestigious events held in Silicon Valley. It was the largest gathering of entrepreneurs and was attended by over 4000 delegates from all over the world – the AuroIN team was one of them.

Life at AuroIN

AuroIN has really cool offices in the heart of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. It’s not just the fact that our compensations and advantages are the best within the industry – here we also have a fun, strong, and laid-back natural working turf. Here and there we put in extend periods of time so as to fulfil our objectives. However, we pride ourselves in working shrewd. We ideally concentrate on socially significant aspects that supplement our plan of action and skills/competencies and then methodically apply our different qualities to amplify social and ecological worth. While at AuroIN, employees not only work on international projects, they also enjoy lots of participation in the various cultural programs, annual sports meets, monthly celebrations, and periodic outings. Additionally, our cafeteria always serves great Odia cuisine to all our employees regardless of the time zones they are working in.

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