Our management is involved in developing education and training programmes for socially-deprived children with the help of NGOs. We as an organization offer these underprivileged children an opportunity to grow and build their professional careers.

To guarantee that a high calibre of education is offered, AuroIN has made critical ventures towards the improvement of the instructors’ capacities via providing professional and organized preparations. To foster preparations with regards to the various strategies and cutting-edge routines required for instructing by secondary teachers the Company initiated the training of instructors in different subjects.

AuroIN has also started a programme to address the problem of school dropouts in the neighbourhood. The Company likewise gives opportunities to design and administration institute students seeking to have them experience projects as a feature of their scholastic curriculum and thus empowering them to acknowledge the value of speculative information as well as get an exposure to various streamlined practices. Efforts are also made to improve their employ-ability, which is in turn expected to enhance their employment prospects.

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