Comfortable Workstation:
I enjoy working on my workstation. It’s tidy and well maintained. The environment is cool and peaceful. The ambiance keeps my mind fresh and active while performing my responsibility.
Manas Rn Mohapatra
Manas Rn Mohapatra
No Communication Gap:
There is absolutely no gap between the higher managers and employees. Our managers make themselves very approachable and maintain transparency when it comes to communication. Tools like Messenger, Skype and Go To Meeting are set-up to make it easier.
Susanta Kumar Mistri
Yoga Session:
AuroIN conducts rejuvenating yoga practice sessions regularly during assembly under the supervision of a professional yoga trainer. The yoga session has been proved very beneficial both mentally and physically.
Weekly 5 Working Days:
The 5 working days a week in Auroin is designed for a perfect work and life balance. This provision is generally not found in most of the other companies here in Bhubaneswar.
Debasmita Sahu
EPF, ESI, Gratuity and Pension Facility:
AuroIN not only makes the present better but also takes special care towards nurturing its employee’s future. The company strictly follows the mandatory EPF, ESI, Gratuity and Pension policies of the government.
Baikuntha Nayak
Overseas Visits:
I got the opportunity to work with clients, travel London for Expo and US for 5 months. The exposure to work onsite with clients has helped me broaden my skills to new levels.
Manoj Behera
Month-End Celebration:
AuroIN has helped to rediscover my extra-curricular activities. Its month-end celebration involving quiz competition, mind blowing games and employee engagement activities led to boost sharing and bonding among the employees.
Anil Kumar Chanda
Training Sessions:
The training sessions conducted by the company help employees in acquiring new skills and concepts to make use at their daily work. The inputs and updates available at such training really help for better performance and higher productivity.
Dusmanta Samal
On-Time Salary:
I am a part of the AuroIN family since last 117 months. I always receive my salary on time and before due date. There has never been a delay who at soever. On-time salary makes each & every employee more enthusiastic and focused towards the work. From the date of joining till date, I have never faced any single issue of deviation in salary payment exceeding the date.
Kanhu Ch. Sahu
Annual Day Celebration:
A success without celebration is just like a festival without merrymaking. I am honoured to be a part of this company that doesn’t fall behind in celebrating annual day every year with full of fun and cultural activities like dance, drama, singing, etc.
Debabrata Patra
Leave Policy:
Till now, I haven’t come across any organization with such flexible leave policy that AuroIN provides to its employees. You can be assured of getting a half or full day leave for any genuine emergency when required.
Balakrishna Sahu
Office Location:
It always matters where an office is located. Keeping in mind the safety and convenience of its employees, the office is positioned near a place where one can get easy transportation facility early in the morning and late in the evening.
Anisha Kar
Daily Assembly Session:
AuroIN daily conducts a unique assembly session for all its employees. This brings the enthusiasm back and fills the mind with lots of positivity. This assembly session is not only limited to reciting the prayers or announcing updates but also marks the celebrations of employees marriage anniversary, birthday and successful year of completions.
Pallavi Brahma
Award Giving:
It has been a long time working with AuroIN. The thing which makes me feel lucky is the way it appreciates an employee’s efforts and dedication towards the growth of the organization by felicitating with gifts and awards. I was awarded more than 20 times for achieving the target.
Ashima Mahapatra
Work from Home:
Doesn’t sound interesting? AuroIN introduced a work from home scheme for both of its employee and family members to work and earn from the comfort of their home.
Kumari Pallikanta
Tea & Biscuits on Desk:
Tea & biscuits is a great refreshment for us and I’m glad it’s available invariably to all the employees. The best part is, it is sent right to the desk as well as with the benefit of exempt from charge.
Anal Nayak
Great Team to Work With:
No support and coordination in between the team members can cease growth of a company and achieving its goals. AuroIN strongly believes in power of team work and applies the same for the best results.
Shibani Mishra
Client Calls:
As most of the AuroIN’s projects are overseas, I am always scheduled to attend the client calls at night. Keeping this in mind, the company provides 24*7 cab facility to its employees to reach office comfortably.
Sandhya Mohapatra
Hostel Accommodation:
The subsidized fully furnished bachelor hostel accommodation by AuroIN helps to find a lodging arrangement for the outstation employees at an affordable rate.

                                                     Anupam Chanda
Company Certification and Awards:
I am proud to work in a company that is one of the most recognized companies with awards such as Nasscom, BBB, MSME, Fredrick county business appreciation week 2013; working here is like dream coming true.
Jayanta Sahu
Flexible Working Hour:
Flexible working hour, is what I like the most about this company. It allows employees to work at their own pace comfortably without any stress.
Rohini Mohanta
Picnic Fun:
To mark the end of passing year and welcome the new, AuroIN organizes a grand picnic party for its employees. The company arranges transportation and food facility with selection of an attractive spot.
  Harshita Jena
Content, Advertising/Marketing and Technology all are starting to intersect at one point and making a move together, hand-in-hand. My team at AuroIN is doing precisely that. They are the true unsung faces behind every successful delivery of engaging and clickable content. For me, the future of Digital marketing will depend on the collaboration of adaptive marketing concepts; simple-informative content; sound and responsible social media presence; and smart link building techniques. This symbiotic relationship will be the key for any Brand to succeed, come any algorithm update from Google. I thank AuroIN and my team for the opportunity and assistance in the quest for niche concepts in digital marketing.
Sarika Behera
Overseas Clients:
Most of the clients of AuroIN are from overseas. Everybody gets the opportunity to converse with clients and fulfill their promotional campaign. Our long serving experience, expertise, innovation, dedication and commitment have made our clients successful and satisfied.
Lilandree Panda
Cricket Tournament:
AuroIN does not forget to relax at weekend after a hectic and full days of work. Its cricket team participates in inter corporate tournaments and also wins in many occasions with a lot of off-field support from the colleagues.
Ajit Kumar Swain
Continuous Power Supply and Seamless Internet:
Frequent power-cut & slow Internet speed are common problems everywhere. But the scenario is completely different in AuroIN. I have never experienced any interruption or break in our work due to these two issues.
Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
Leave Travel Concession (LTC):
The LTC policy of AuroIN lends a big helping hand to the employees to visit different places. The company offers attractive travel concession programs for its employees from time to time as per their needs.
Aparana Mahapatra
Salary as Per Industry Standard:
Salary at the AuroIN is as per the latest industry standard. I am impressed how it manages to wire salary right on time; every time, no exception! AuroIN truly understands that employees are the greatest assets.
Ganesh Sabat
Safety for Women:
The working environment of AuroIN is highly safe and conducive for the female employees. The day time working shift for women, daily cab facility and setting up of a grievance cell made it all possible.
Ruchishree Nayak
CSR Activity:
It gives me an immense pleasure to associate myself with such a benevolent company that assists poor people affected by any natural calamity or disaster.
Sj Lenin Mohanty
Good Business Ethics:
I really appreciate the business ethics of AuroIN that believes in timely execution, performance and delivery of assignments. The company incorporates all ethical and professional parameters while staying ahead in the field of SEO and Internet marketing.
Asutosh Mohanta
Free and Homely Food:
The company provides free lunch and dinner each day to its every employee. The food provided is not only hot and fresh but also tasty and homely.
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